Contribute with usYou can contribute with us and support the goals and the purposes of the organization and its work as of now in case you find it fitting with your goals, principles and believes towards the benefits of Iraqi people.

Volunteer with us: Dear friends we invite you to volunteer with us for Ufuq organization activities and events. And because we believe in volunteering and voluntary action civil basis that can have the best impact on our human benefiting goals. We invite you to join us after seeing the organization’s goals and activities on our website: www.ufuqorg.org or through our pages of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through our identity @ufuqorg.

Volunteering Tasks

  • Contributing to the direct preparation of the organization’s activities, such as organizing and distributing events or other organizational matters. Or by submitting proposals and new ideas that fits with the organization’s work.
  • Contributing designs (photos, logos, etc.) and update the organization’s website and social networking tools such as (Facebook and Twitter) for the activities of the organization.
  • Helping with translations from Arabic to English and vice versa, like documents.
  • Contributing to document images or video and streaming business for our activities.
  • Contributing to conduct of research and statistics (especially for students and graduates of departments of anthropology and sociology).
  • Other things didn’t mention it.