Ufuq Organization Holds Press Conference to Present AIM Annual Report on Iraqi Minorities

Ufuq Organization, with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid organization, held a press conference to present the annual report published by the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network (AIM) on the situation of minorities in Iraq for the year 2022.

The conference was attended by media representatives and activists and served as an opportunity to shed light on the current state of minorities in Iraq. The report analyzed the conditions of human rights, the situation of displaced persons and camps, missing persons and mass graves, and instances of violations. It also covered the state of legislation and the legal environment in Iraq.

According to the report, the number of minority community members has decreased, raising concerns over the potential loss of cultural diversity in the region. Additionally, the report highlighted urgent issues such as the kidnapping of Yazidi women by terrorist organizations and the insufficient protection of minority rights in Iraq through current legislation.

Ufuq Organization, through its participation in the AIM network, continues to advocate for the protection of minority rights in Iraq and to raise awareness about the challenges faced by these communities.