Dialogue symposium discusses the role of civil society in developing academic performance and human rights in Iraq

Ufuq Development Organization, in collaboration with the University of Technology, organized a dialogue symposium on the role of civil society organizations in developing academic performance in Iraq. The symposium was attended by a number of experts in civil society, education, and human rights in Iraq, where the focus was on reviewing the role of non-governmental organizations in supporting education, human rights, and improving academic performance.

During the symposium, successful experiences and ideas were presented in the field of academic performance development, human rights promotion, and sustainable development, in addition to discussing effective ways to enhance cooperation between academic institutions and non-governmental organizations. Ufuq Development Organization presented its experiences in supporting education, human rights, and improving academic performance in Iraq.

This symposium represents an important opportunity to enhance cooperation between universities and civil society and to promote joint efforts to develop education and human rights in Iraq. This step comes as part of the Ufuq Development Organization’s efforts to promote effective partnerships and cooperation between all relevant parties in achieving sustainable development goals in Iraq.