Iraqi Teacher’s Guide to Citizenship Based on Cultural Diversity Released

Iraq’s human development organization “Ufuq” has proudly announced the release of its achievement in 2022, the “Iraqi Teacher’s Guide to Citizenship Based on Cultural Diversity and Human Rights.”

This guide was developed in collaboration with the “Kapni” foundation, the World Council of Churches, and with active contributions from educational experts, the Human Rights Commission in Iraq, and civil society organizations.

The guide was designed after several discussions, activities, and training sessions over the course of two years, with the aim of developing a comprehensive curriculum that includes citizenship issues and human rights within the educational system in Iraq.

This guide reflects Ufuq’s commitment to raising awareness about citizenship and human rights issues in Iraqi society and providing tools and resources to help teachers develop their teaching and education skills.

We thank all the supporting and participating parties for developing this critical guide and hope that it will play a significant role in improving the quality of education and promoting human values in Iraqi society.