Transitional justice, and the Faili Kurds displacement

Within the transitional justice program in Iraq, the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Justice, in coordination with Ufuq for Development Organization, held a discussion session on the recommendations of PM Order 33 of 2019 (on the removal of the effects resulting from the displacement of Faili Kurds). The session was held on 8/11/2022 in The headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, and the meeting discussed the most important relevant laws, and the session was moderated by Mr. Amer Al-Shawhani.

Mr. Amer presented the topic and talked about the legal situation through which the official transitional justice institutions dealt to remove the effects of the displacement of Faili Kurds, and the audience also spoke about the topic and it was discussed extensively. During the session, our organization’s vision on the subject contained in the book issued by our organization entitled “Transitional Justice in Iraq” was presented.