Ufuq’s visit to German institutions

Within its Ufuq’s field tour in some of German cities,  represented by Mr. Ali Bakht Al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Board. with a number of Iraqi and national and international institutions such as (Ministry of Planning – General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Al-Nahrain University – Al-Nahrain Center – Al-Bayan Center – Iraqi Observatory for Rights Human – Alamal Association – Moja organization- giz – carpo – Stimson ) in the exchange of experiences with the relevant German institutions, as many successful experiences related to increasing citizen participation in decision-making and policy modification, and the working group discussed ways to transfer these experiences to Iraq and the region, and the importance of joint cooperation and creating a cultural and development bridge between the two countries. There are many prominent institutions that presented their experiences to the delegation. represented by (FriEnt, the German Development Institute Die, the Federal Agency for Civic Education BPB, the European Commission Representation in Germany, the Council of German Ethics – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – Department for Urban Development, Construction and Housing of the German Senate CCPP – Foundation Transparency International – Berghof Foundation – Parliament Organization – Citizen Participation Organization in the province of Lichtenburg – Konrad Adenauer Foundation).