Training on political participation in cooperation with the UN and the IHEC

Ufuq Organization for Human Development, in cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission, the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), and other partners, set up an awareness-raising training series for more than 130 people. The workshops included the most important mechanisms, procedures, electoral laws, and concepts of effective political participation.

This event is part of the “Supporting the Electoral Process in Iraq” project implemented by the Ufuq Organization in cooperation with the United Nations Mission in Iraq, the Independent High Electoral Commission, the United Nations Development Program, and other partners.
The trainers presented to the attendees and attendees, the laws related to elections, in addition to the procedures taken by the Commission to secure the electoral vote, in addition to training related to political participation and the importance of political action and political participation by young people to include their vision in the decision-making process.

The trainers, based on the experiences of other countries, present to the trainees that the process of transferring power through democratic means is the most effective means that maintain peace, security, and social cohesion.