Our organization holds a book launch session on transitional justice

Ufuq Organization for Human Development, in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, launched its book, Transitional Justice in Iraq, in coordination with the Supreme Council for Human Rights in Iraq.

This book, prepared by Iraqi and Arab experts specialized in transitional justice and international law is a comprehensive national guide to the Iraqi experience in terms of establishment and enforcement. The launch session was attended by many interested persons in this field, civil society organizations, and related institutions, during which the attendees discussed the most important stations that Iraq witnessed in this field, especially with the presence of this legal and historical reference that gave a clear picture of transitional justice in reaching a real treatment for human rights violations. . Through judicial and criminal follow-up of the offenders individually or as a group, providing compensation to victims and reparation, archiving their memory, ensuring that the legacy of violations is dealt with in a comprehensive and general manner, achieving justice and equity, and employing institutions and legislation for this.

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