International Interfaith Harmony Week Conference

Ufuq Organization for Development participated in the conference on the World Interfaith Harmony Week, which was held at Al-Nahrain Center on February 9, 2022, and organized by the National Security Advisory.
The conference was attended by religious, intellectual, academic and social figures from different spectrums of Iraqi society, as well as civil society organizations.
There were interventions from the participants, and recommendations were made to renounce extremism and extremism in the discourse and replace them with concepts of tolerance, brotherhood, love and coexistence through the adoption of a national strategy for managing diversity.
This conference comes within the work of the National Security Adviser to work on building a diversity management strategy, according to which a committee was formed that includes a group of representatives of Iraqi religions, ethnicities, and sects, in addition to representatives of ministries and official institutions. Ufuq Organization for Development is the only representative of civil society in the committee.