Ufuq presents a paper at the Social Cohesion Conference in Beirut

Within the work of the Social Cohesion Conference held by the World Council of Churches WCC and the Middle East Council of Churches MCC, which lasted for three days in Beirut for the period from 12-15 December 2021, Ufuq Organization for Development participated in this humanitarian path, which included spiritual and social leaders, and academics from Iraq and around the world.

The head of the organization, Ali Bakht Al-Tamimi, in partnership with Khoury Emmanuel Youkhana, presented a joint working paper on curricula in the field of citizenship based on cultural diversity and human rights in Iraq, and the vision of Kapni Organization for Humanitarian Aid and Ufuq for Human Development in this field. While the head of the organization, accompanied by the Iraqi thinker Rahim Abu Ragheef, reviewed the constitutional and social framework of laws, mechanisms, and procedures for managing diversity in Iraq, and the challenges and opportunities available for investing cultural diversity in Iraq and the Arab region. The conference concluded with recommendations and a future action plan in several aspects, the most important of which are education and media.