Training for education activists

Within the work of the Education Path in the Iraqi Social Forum, and in cooperation with Ufuq Organization and the rest of the Paths’ partners, a training was held for a group of activists in education issues on The right to education, an introduction to the fourth goal of sustainable development.
The training included a prelude to the meanings, features, and conditions of the right to education within international human rights standards. It also included an introduction to the issues that the activist in the field of education issues cares about and the tools for working on these issues.
Training is provided within the work of the Education Path. The Path was established within the Iraqi Social Forum to be an incubating space for working on education issues, through which all organizations, volunteer teams, and activists interested in education issues are continuously invited to work within the Path.
The training was provided by the Education Path Coordinator, Wissam Ibrahim, and the Executive Manager of Ufuq Organization for Development.