Ufuq’s participation in a report on transitional justice in Tunisia

Ufuq Organization, with the Tunisian League for Human Rights, and the Kawakibi Center for Democratic Transitions, contributed to the discussions about the preparation of the final report of the Truth and Dignity Commission in Tunisia, as part of Ufuq’s endeavor to partner and work with all institutions and organizations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Ali Bakht, head of Ufuq Organization and an international expert in the field of transitional justice, attended these discussions that were held in Tunisia, to convey the aspects and characteristics of Iraq’s experience in transitional justice, as an experience that can be benefited from, which has its merits and its due.

The two parties also agreed, as part of the sessions, to invest in cooperation between Arab institutions in the field of transitional justice, and to continue it intensively in the future.