Conference on curriculum modification, in partnership with the Ministry of Education

Within the project (The Role of Minorities in Promoting Stability), Ufuq Organization, within the activities of the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities, held a conference on amending and changing curricula, with the participation of 61 participants from the governorates (Baghdad, Nineveh, Diyala, Maysan, Sulaymaniyah and Muthanna) representing important segments of the Iraqi religious sects and representatives of minorities Religious leaders, members of parliament, former ministers, educational academics, directors and officials in the Curriculum Department of the Iraqi Ministry of Education, in addition to media professionals and activists in minority affairs and education.
Dr. Saad Fathallah gave a presentation on his study of religious education curricula and his observations about it, followed by a paper presented by Mrs. Yusra Karim, Director of the Religious Curricula Division at the Ministry of Education, about the Ministry of Education’s vision of the religious subject.
 Questions from the honorable audience followed this, and many points and essential recommendations were recorded that will be part of the continuous work on curricula reforming, and the inclusion of the concepts of diversity in the curricula.