Dialogue session on combating violence within the educational system

Today we held a discussion session on “Anti-Violence… and ways to build peace within the educational system” within the activities of the Iraqi Social Forum in its fourth season of 2017
The focus of the session was on the important aspect of the impact of the curriculum and teaching methods in building peace and promoting coexistence as a fundamental value in society

 Mr. Marwan Kadhim, who holds a master’s degree in philosophy of education from the University of Baghdad, presented his vision of the problems of the curriculum in its current situation, and his vision of what it should be to face the spread of violence as a culture and violent behavior.

After review, there was a very important dialogue and interventions, from interested attendance and working in the field of education, and the field of combating violence.
In the end, it was agreed to prepare a working paper with activists and organizations wishing to work together, within the forum space to achieve the desired results in the things we have agreed on, the most important of which are: focus on fine-tuning the curriculum, and pressure in this direction more effectively

Work to promote “non-descriptive activity” as a co-back of the classroom lessons in building the personality of the student .. and strengthen his individuality and capacity for logical analysis, which greatly reduces his involvement in violent activities
Work to end the presence of party and armed manifestations in schools, and emphasize respect for the campus .. This is done in cooperation with the concerned authorities