We held a workshop on promoting the peaceful coexistence of high school students and peace building

In cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Iraq, our organization has organized a series of extra-curricular activities at “Abu Ala Al-Ma’arri Secondary School” in Al-Sha’ab City, as part of the program “Protecting Cultural Diversity and Promoting the Concepts of Peaceful Coexistence”
We explained to students the concepts of peace building and coexistence and explained the tools of managing diversity in Iraq, the relationship of these issues to personal behavior, and the principle of citizenship in general

We have also presented a review of past experiences in other countries, peace building after civil wars, and the impact of sustainable peace on development in general
The students also provided remarkable cooperation and interaction, and satisfactory response to the method of introducing the subject in an interactive classroom manner

At the end of the activity, we gave the school a gift (projector) for the school and we agreed with the school administration that there would be other interactive activities for them with their students on topics related to the concepts of peaceful coexistence