Who is responsible for the tragic death of Rafif

Several days ago, the media was preoccupied with the story of the tragic death of Rafif because of poor medical services in a hospital in Diwaniya.
A brief summary of the story can be found in the video from the ALMADA agency:

The constant exchange of accusations between the Ministry of Health and Diwaniya Health Directorate on the one hand, and the medical staff and the doctors’ union in Diwaniya on the other.

We believe that the way in which the issue has been dealt with is a lot of chaos and mismanagement and the lack of clarity of legal rules for almost all of the official institutions, and here we assume good intentions,
Where we do not say that there is a waiver of responsibility by the Ministry of Health to give full responsibility to the medical staff.

One of the main points in the medical report that the cause of death of the girl is the lack of a Bronchoscopy, which according to doctors, the price is not high ..

According to the provisions of Iraqi Public Health Law No. 89 of 1981 Article 2:

Article 2
The Ministry of Health is responsible for organizing the work in the health sector and taking the necessary measures to accomplish its tasks in full.
1 – Prepare a precise plan and provide the material and human resources to be completed to ensure the provision of integrated health services.
Second, the best use of the health sector workers, such as maintaining the necessary number and level necessary to complete the health plan of each institution, taking care of their training and renewal of information, ensuring the stability of their owners in their workplaces and taking advantage of the latest scientific and technological achievements.

It is clear that the provision of medical equipment and the provision of cadres necessary for the delivery of medical services falls within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, and associated health services.

Article 31 first of the Iraqi Constitution states:

Every Iraqi has the right to health care, the state is concerned with public health, and the means of prevention and treatment are ensured by establishing different types of hospitals and health institutions.

Therefore, health care is the duty of the Iraqi state in all its institutions, as affirmed in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Article 12:

(D) To create conditions that would ensure medical services and medical care for all in case of illness.

The provision of good health is the third objective of sustainable development and Iraq so far does not perform well in this sector. There is a lot of shortage of qualified personnel and training. There is a severe shortage of modern equipment and equipment.

We believe that the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives bear part of the responsibility because of little expenditure on the development of the health sector. The Ministry of Health bears the greatest responsibility for mismanagement and failure to provide the basic necessities for providing good health care.

We also call for all that is necessary to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of the girl Rafif, where we believe that in such a bad way in the administration will continue these tragedies occur.