The situation of teachers who are not paid in Iraq

The Iraqi Parliament decided in the presence of those responsible to resolve the issue of the payment of wages for teachers without pay in Iraqi schools, in accordance with the provisions of Article 55 / II of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2019.
We believe that the problem will not end here, and that the subject of teachers without wages is larger and more complex than the wages of transport ..
Teachers without pay are working full-time in the morning and evening in Iraqi schools for free, some of them have been working this way for six or seven years !, hoping to get a job in the future.
According to Article 22 / I of the Iraqi Constitution, the right of every Iraqi to work, and all international laws and conventions require that the work is decent and decent work conditions that the wage is sufficient to provide a decent life for the employee and worker.
The Iraqi state deals with exploitation with the need of teachers without wages to work, to fill the shortage in the number of teaching staff of the Iraqi Ministry of Education, like any employer does not take into account the needs of the employee and look at their narrow interest only.
Any solution that does not include hiring for teachers without pay is an unrealistic and inefficient solution.
Therefore, we call upon the Iraqi state and all its institutions to put a radical and lasting solution to this unhealthy situation, even to the logic, and to put an end to this tragic situation.